Signing Up For Your First Race

Earn Vitality Points for completing your first race

Running or walking a race is a fun goal for any fitness level. And once you cross your first finish line, you may get hooked! As a HumanaVitality® member, you get $15 off registration for over 60 races around the U.S. and internationally, including the popular Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series , Tri-Rock Series , and Women’s Running Series.

Here are a few things to know before your first race day.

Train for Vitality Points
No matter your fitness level or goals, it’s always a good idea to train at least some. Start small—there are resources for training programs at every level to help you prepare. Wear a fitness device, and you can rack up the Vitality Points™ before race day. Platinum Vitality Status, here you come!

Try Everything Once
Never do anything for the first time on race day. This means you shouldn’t train only on the treadmill—get outside to understand how you’ll feel on the big day. Never wear new shoes or other gear for the first time on race day—developing a blister before you hit mile 1 will make it much harder for you to finish the race.

The Big Day
You’re ready!—or as ready as you’re going to be—and that finish line is waiting for you. Races typically start early, so get plenty of sleep the night before and make sure you’ve got everything ready to grab and go after you wake up. Once you cross the start line, remember to pace yourself! The momentum of your fellow runners can be very exciting—if you’re keeping up with the crowd, you might burn out after the first mile. Start slow and you’ll have a strong and steady finish. Most importantly, have fun!

Ok, I’m in! How do I find a race?
For starters, visit the HumanaVitality® Mall to get $15 off 60+ races, like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series, and the Women’s Running Series.

There are plenty of local running events listed on or Running in the USA . If you're looking specifically for full or half marathons, try and

You should consult with your doctor before starting an exercise routine. HumanaVitality is not an insurance product.

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