Set Goals. Track Progress. Earn Rewards!

It All Adds Up

Earning Vitality Points is easier than you think. Here are a couple examples of how you can progress quickly and begin enjoying rewards.

How Mike reached Silver Vitality Status:

Health Assessment completion500

First Step Health Assessment*500

Vitality check completion2,000

Basketball league350

Blood donations(x3)150

Flu shot200

Verified workouts875

Health Tools(x4)300

CPR certification125

Vitality Points Total5,000

How Amanda reached Platinum Vitality Status:

Health Assessment completion500

First Step Health Assessment*500

Bonus Health Assessment completed within the first 90 days250

Basketball league350

Vitality Check Completion2,000

Vitality Check in-range results2,000

Flu shot200

First aid certification125

CPR certification125

Blood donations(x3)150

Verified workouts2,800

Athlettic event(level3)500

Swim team league350

Cycling event(level2)350

Vitality Points Total:10,000

*500 Vitality points limit for First Step Health Assessment over the life of membership.

Mike and Amanda

Both use HumanaVitality to achieve their health goals

Meet Mike

My Health Assessment helped me find out my Vitality Age. I was surprised that my body was living older than my actual age and that my cholesterol level was poor. HumanaVitality put me on the path to better health.

Meet Amanda

I eat right and make sure I exercise. So after I completed my Health Assessment, my Vitality Age was younger than my actual age. And with HumanaVitality, I can keep it that way and be a great role model for my daughter.

How It Works

Earn Vitality Points™ for completing healthy activities. These points track your progress and translate into Vitality Bucks® you can spend on great rewards!

One adult per policy

Two adults per policy

Additional points for each member 18 years and older

Mall discount

Platinum Vitality Status

10,000 15,000 combined 5,000


Gold Vitality Status

8,000 12,000 combined 4,000


Silver Vitality Status

5,000 8,000 combined 3,000


Bronze Vitality Status

You immediately move up from Blue Vitality Status™ after completing the Health Assessment online or on the HumanaVitality App.


Blue Vitality Status

You start at Blue Vitality Status with 0 Vitality Points


Vitality Status
Vitality Status
Vitality Status
Vitality Status
Vitality Status

Get Started

Challenge yourself to make a change and discover how to be rewarded for getting healthy your own way, starting today.

Take the Health Assessment

It’s the first step on your journey to better health and will only take a few minutes to complete. Answer questions in areas like:

  • Medical history
  • Eating habits
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Fitness & exercise

You’ll learn your Vitality Age and immediately achieve Bronze Vitality Status™. Plus, earn up to 1,250 Vitality Points*. The Health Assessment is confidential. Your answers are never shared with anyone without your permission, and do not impact your insurance premiums.

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Set Your Goals

Once you’ve taken the Health Assessment, we recommend personalized goals based on what will make the most impact on your health. Your goals are unique to you and can change as you get healthier. Your goals may be to:

  • Reach or maintain a healthy weight by eating a more nutritious diet
  • Get more active
  • Learn more about certain medical conditions or risks
  • Lower your blood pressure
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Earn Rewards

You get one Vitality Buck for each Vitality Point you earn. Spend your Vitality Bucks in the HumanaVitality® Mall on these great rewards and more!

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Experience HumanaVitality

HumanaVitality gives you the knowledge and support you need to achieve your personal wellness goals. Make a plan, join a community, and stay motivated using these helpful tools.


Use the convenient HumanaVitality online portal to take your Health Assessment, set goals, track progress and earn rewards.

Mobile App:

Access HumanaVitality from your smartphone using our easy-to-use App. Connect no matter where you are.


Join our online, self-service forum to ask support questions, make connections with other members, and join an interest group.


Connect with HumanaVitality members and share your stories and inspiration through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Activity Tracking:

Track your activity and earn Vitality Points when you use one or more HumanaVitality compatible fitness devices like Fitbit® pedometers, Polar® heart-rate monitors and other activity tracking Apps.


Find a personal health coach who can give you the expert guidance and personal attention you need to create a plan for success in areas like weight, tobacco, stress and nutrition.


Stay informed about healthy living through emails, newsletters and online courses.


Earn Vitality Points by completing healthy activities. Then shop the HumanaVitality Mall for exciting rewards.


You’re automatically entered into the drawing with more than 5,000 winners each month! The higher your Vitality Status, the greater the prize values!


Get motivated with a step or weight-loss challenge. Compete with other HumanaVitality members online or on the App.

Get started with HumanaVitality today.