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Small business and large group forms

Applications and enrollment forms

Get employer applications, employee applications, and other supplemental enrollment forms.

Application and enrollment forms search tool

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Launch My Group (LMG)

LMG is an online tool used to easily upload your small business and large group enrollment form. Enjoy the benefits of 24/7 tool access, quick delivery of welcome letters and member ID cards!

LMG Adobe Sign Guide

Wonder what to do after you submit your group through LMG? This LMG Adobe Sign Guide walks you through how to electronically sign the required documents. Access the link below to get started:

LMG Adobe Sign Guide, PDF

LMG Quick Reference Guide

Utilize this quick reference guide to simplify your new or existing small group business enrollment process. Access the link below to get started:

LMG Quick Reference Guide, PDF

LMG Enrollment Guide

Our enrollment guide walks you through the 3 options to input and submit your member enrollment list, so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Access the link below to get started:

LMG Member Enrollment Guide, PDF

Small business list enrollment

You can submit the employee enrollment through our list enrollment spreadsheets. Using list enrollment allows for cases to be enrolled faster, reduces missing information, and provides employers and employees plan information sooner!

For existing small business and new groups submitted with downloaded employer applications:

Simplified Member Enrollment (Excel spreadsheet), Excel — Easiest upload option for Humana’s new electronic small group enrollment tool – Launch My Group.

List Enrollment (Excel spreadsheet), Excel — Use for employer Medical and Specialty Benefit plans (Dental, Vision, Life, Disability and Workplace Voluntary products).

List Enrollment User Guide, PDF — Provides an overview of when and what the List Enrollment can be used and the information that is needed when the List Enrollment is used.

Life authorization form

Life authorization form, PDF — This form is required in conjunction with the Evidence of Health Status form when a member is requesting Life coverage over Guarantee Issue.

Small business plan summaries

Download medical plan summaries for products in your area.

Create a plan summary

Customized client applications

In many states, agents can use our online tool to create customized applications. Start the application builder:

Applications and Enrollment Forms

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