Drug List

Learn about drugs included in your plan

If you have prescription drug coverage with Humana, you can look at the Humana Drug List to see which medications are covered by your plan. The list is updated regularly by the doctors and pharmacists on our medical committee.

Our Drug List can help you find the prescription medications that are covered by your plan. Please remember that different plans may include different drugs. Also, some types of medicine may only be available in a limited amount or for a limited time. Some may require pre-approval.

If you have specific questions about a medication or need a drug that does not appear on the list, please call the Customer Care number on the back of your Humana member identification card.

Humana Drug List search

You can look up a specific drug and view coverage details. You can also see possible generic equivalents and alternative medications.

Search the Drug List for Individual and Family plans (link opens in new window) 

If you have a Medicare plan, you can go to Humana’s Medicare Drug List.

Find Medicare medications (link opens in new window) 

If you’re an employer, visit Humana's Employer Drug List.

See the Employer Drug List (link opens in new window) 

Printable Drug Lists

You can download a printable drug list.

Visit printable Drug Lists

Specialty Drug List

Your plan's drug coverage may include specialty drugs for chronic and complex illnesses. Many of these medications may be obtained through specialty pharmacies in your pharmacy network, like Humana Specialty Pharmacy.

Visit Humana Specialty Pharmacy (link opens in new window) 

More about our Drug List

Medications may be added, changed or deleted from Humana’s Drug List at any time. This could affect the amount you pay for prescription drugs.