Drug List

Learn about drugs your policy covers

This page links you to information about the prescription drugs Humana covers. This information is for members who have a HumanaOne® plan that includes prescription drug coverage.

The Drug List is a list of prescription drugs developed and maintained by a medical committee comprised of doctors and pharmacists. The type of coverage you purchased may cause variances in drug coverage. Certain drugs may have coverage limitations based on duration or dosage or may require pre-approval. If you have specific questions about a medication that does not appear on the list, please call the Customer Service number on the back of your member ID card.

Drug list search

Look up a specific drug and view coverage details, possible generic equivalents, and alternatives for HumanaOne via our Drug List Search . For Medicare, go to Humana's Medicare Drug List Search. For Employer, go to Humana's Employer Drug List Search.

Printable drug lists

To download a printable list of the most widely prescribed drugs on Humana's Drug List, visit the Printable Drug Lists for HumanaOne .

Specialty drugs

Your plan's Drug List may include specialty drugs, which are specialized therapies developed for chronic, complex illnesses. Many, but not all, of these drugs may be obtained through Humana's own specialty pharmacy, RightSource Specialty®.
For more details, visit Mail-Order Rx .

More about Humana's drug list

Drugs on the Drug List may be added, changed, or deleted from the list at any time, which could affect the amount you pay for prescription drugs.