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What to expect when you enroll

So you've finished enrolling. Now what? Here's what to expect.

Watch for your Humana ID Card?

After you enroll, you'll receive your Humana member ID card. Keep this card with you at all times because:

  • It has important information about your plan
  • You may need to show it every time you get medical care
  • It helps doctors and hospitals file your claims

Forgot your card?
If you can't find your card, you can get a picture of it online. Simply fill out the online form in our Humana ID Card Viewer

Need another card?
If you need an additional card for a family member or lost your card, order another one online. Here's how:

  • log in to MyHumana
  • Go to the "My Plans and Coverage" section
  • In the "Plans Summary" section, under the Plan Name click "Order ID Card"
  • Choose "Yes" to order a card

Or call 1-800-4HUMANA for a new card.

Register for MyHumana

If you didn't sign up for MyHumana when you enrolled, be sure to sign up after you get your Humana ID card. Your secure website is one of the best ways to get information about your plan. With MyHumana, you can get answers to questions about your health plan when you want them. You can look up your records 24 hours a day. Here are some of the things you can do on MyHumana:

  • Look at your health plan benefits
  • See if a claim's been paid
  • Compare costs of medical services

It's easy to register. Just have your Humana ID card ready and go to Register for MyHumana

Review information about your plan

Throughout your plan year, Humana will send you e-mails, letters, and other messages. This information will:

  • Tell you the legal details of your plan
  • Keep you up to date with your plan's coverage
  • Inform you of your plan benefits and costs
  • Offer tips for your health and lifestyle

You'll also get a SmartSummary®,  statement that gives you a detailed look at your plan benefits and costs. SmartSummary®, comes to you four times a year and helps you:

  • Review claims and spending activity
  • Understand how your plan works
  • Make informed, cost-saving health and benefits choices

It also provides money-saving tips and health information just for you. Look for your first SmartSummary about four months after your plan's effective date. You also can get your SmartSummary online. Just log in to MyHumana and select the "My Claims & Spending" drop-down list. Then choose SmartSummary from the options.

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