Ways to pay your premium

Express Pay

Use this quick and easy way to make a secure one-time bill payment without having to sign in to your employer account.

Sign in to Employer Portal

Sign in to the employer portal and select “Go to Billing” to make one-time payments, set up recurring payments, check payment details, switch to paperless billing or choose email notifications.

Get started with your employer portal

Watch our introductory video to learn how to register your employer account and manage your company’s benefits in real time. Some groups will not have access to all functionality within the portal.

Congratulations, your company is now covered by the peace of mind of Humana health insurance. You’re approved, you have your group number, and ID cards are on the way. So, what’s next? Relax. It’s pretty easy from here. First, visit Humana.com and click “Activate” to reach the registration page. Then click “Employer” and “Get Started”, so you can manage benefits in real time. This will let you view and pay invoices, set up recurring payments, and use billing preferences to set up helpful email notifications that will keep you on top of everything. Remember, invoices are generated on the 13th or 14th of every month. Payments are due on the 1st of the following month, with a 31-day grace period to make your payment. And when it’s time to pay, you have options. You can log in to the portal and make a one-time payment or, if you prefer, visit Humana.com and click “For Employers” under “Other Humana Sites”. Then choose “Pay Your Bill” under “Resources” and make a one-time payment using “Express Pay” without having to log in. You can call Humana and pay over the phone or you can simply mail us a check. Everything is designed to make managing your company’s coverage as fast and simple as possible. Well, that was easy. And remember, we’re always here to help. Welcome to Humana. That about covers it!

Congratulations, your company is now covered by the peace of mind of Humana health insurance. That means you’ll be receiving regular invoices to help you manage and pay for your employees’ coverage. So let’s take a tour through your invoice, so you know what’s next. On page 1, you’ll find your invoice summary. This is a compilation of the most important things to know like the coverage month this invoice is about and the date that your payment is due, the amount due from your last invoice, total payments received since your last invoice, amount past due, premiums this period, which shows your premium charges for the current month, and member adjustments, which is the net amount of member adjustments applied to your company’s account. The next section, “Fees and Other Adjustments,” shows the amount of any service fees or other costs or adjustments applied to your company account. On the bottom, you’ll see the section entitled “Please Pay This Amount Due,” which is the net amount of money your company needs to pay that month. This includes any prior unpaid balances. It’s a pretty straightforward and intuitive way to keep tabs on how much your company and employees are spending on healthcare. Your next page, the group summary page, helps you understand the breakdown of premiums by product and plan type. The first section, “Payments,” shows the amount of all payments received. The next section, “Premiums by Product Type,” breaks down the premium cost by coverage type. Below that, you’ll see “Premiums by Plan Type,” which shows the quantity and amount spent on each type of plan. If you want to go even deeper, the next section will show you details of every employee who is participating in the plan. Each employee detail section shows the member’s name, their ID number, the plan they’re under, the type of coverage they’ve selected, the cost of premiums for each type of coverage and the total amount of premiums due for the member. Each employee’s section will also show adjustments, which are changes made based on an employees’ life events, enrollment or change in employment status. For example, let’s look at the employee section for Joshua Robertson. Up until now, Joshua was on an EMP, or employee only plan, that covered only himself. Then Joshua got married in the middle of May and wanted to have his wife added to his plan. So as of the date of marriage, his coverage changed from an employee only, or EMP plan, to an employee and spouse, or ESP plan. We can see where he was disenrolled from the EMP plan and reenrolled in the ESP plan. And we can see how his premium changed to reflect the new plan. So that’s how your invoices work. For your convenience, you can also download your current and past invoices as PDFs or as Excel files. It’s as simple as logging in to the employer portal, selecting “Go to Billing” and finding the invoice you want to download. And remember, we’re always here to help. That about covers it!

Take a tour of your billing invoice

Watch our helpful billing video and get the breakdown of your invoice so it’s even easier to understand. You’ll also learn how to read the details of your group summary and determine what you’re spending on each type of plan.