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4 key points about the ACA for small business owners

4 key points small business owners need to know about the ACA

If you’re a small business owner with up to 50 employees, here are 4 key provisions of the ACA that should matter to you and your employees.

Offering group health insurance versus a public exchange

Making the Right Call: Group Health Coverage versus a Public Exchange

Providing employees with quality health benefits can set your company apart from the competition, making it easier to recruit and retain talent. Your employees may qualify for premium subsidies if you purchase plans through a public exchange.

Four reasons why employees don't enroll in group coverage

Why Don’t My Employees Enroll in Our Group Health Coverage

You can offer a health plan through your company, but there's no guarantee your employees sign up. We identified 4 common reasons why they choose no to enroll.

Determine if SHOP is right for your small business

Is SHOP Right for My Small Business?

"SHOP" is short for Small Business Health Options Program. Business owners can use it to browse available options and select plans that fit their needs and budget.

What can a private exchange mean for your business?

What Private Exchanges Mean for Your Business

Learn what advantages come from offering benefits through a private exchange, a one-stop-shop for employee health insurance.

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How organizational wellness improves retention and recruiting

This blog post from Beth Bierbower, President of Humana Group Segment, examines the positive impact that wellness programs can have on employee healthcare costs, as well as workplace productivity and morale.

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Why one small business got on the benefits bandwagon

Offering employees a strong benefits package can help attract and retain the best talent, but at what cost to your business? Hear how one small business approached buying employee benefits.

When offering group insurance makes sense

The Affordable Care Act may not require you to offer employer-sponsored health insurance, but it can be a sound option. Here’s how to assess the needs of your business and employees.

Weighing the numbers: How to evaluate the cost of group health insurance

There are many moving parts, like premiums and deductibles, which contribute to group health insurance costs. Here are 5 things to contemplate as you weigh the numbers.

3 ways small businesses can solve the group health coverage question

While the ACA doesn’t require small businesses to offer group health insurance, employees still need to secure coverage. Here’s some guidance to help balance affordability and employee satisfaction.

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