Group Medicare for your retirees

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Humana Group Medicare plans help organizations provide health insurance for their retirees. Our customizable Group Medicare plans combine Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance) for your retirees.  Our Medicare Advantage plans include the option to add dental, vision, hearing and prescription drug coverage.

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Why plan sponsors trust Humana

Invest in your retirees’ health and support them throughout their health journey—all while protecting your bottom line.

Personalized partnership

You’ll work hand in hand with a dedicated Humana team to ensure your group health plan fits your needs and the needs of your retirees. We focus on building a relationship centered on your goals and continuously work to help you meet them.

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Industry-leading service

Humana Group Medicare members have access to care and resources they can trust, including the nation’s largest network of providers. That goes for plan sponsors too. Our robust reporting tools help you easily gather data when you need it. 

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Empathetic and whole-person care

Our group health plans provide holistic care for members, including behavioral health, wellness programs and meal delivery services. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we recognize the unique challenges of each retiree and sponsor.

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Terrie Naaf: I came from Central Illinois, and had a great upbringing, lots of fun, wonderful, happy family. My parents were amazing, and I went to college, and I got a degree to be a Spanish teacher. I started teaching in 1974, right out of college, and I was offered a choice of insurance through my employer, through the school district. And it went pretty well, until I started noticing that I needed more care, probably around the age of 55, when my health required more screenings. It just didn't go well anymore. I started having problems. The referrals weren't going through on time. The claims weren't being paid. I was constantly receiving bills. I was receiving phone calls from collection people. So when I had to make a decision, when I turned 65, I had to think, "Okay, should I try Humana and hope I have a better experience?"

And I'm glad that I did, because it's night and day, night and day.

In October of 2021, I was seeing my primary care physician, and she encouraged me to get my annual mammogram, and luckily, I went and scheduled it and had it done. It was abnormal, and that's when they dropped the bomb and said, "Hey, this is the real thing here." Then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I chose the Humana Group Medicare Advantage plan, and it was so easy to use. I really felt like they were really caring about me as a person, and not just another person with breast cancer. I was referred to the cancer center, where I definitely feel like it was personalized especially for me. I had people that sat down and talked to me about my own history, my own personal experience, and they worked with me on what the plan was. I didn't have to worry about the insurance part of it, because I knew that it would be taken care of. I never had to contact them. I never had to worry about it. I didn't have to make any phone calls. It was smooth.

I would definitely recommend Humana Group Medicare Advantage plan to other people, and I actually have. Because of the care that I received, I'm now cancer free, and I'm living a full, active, happy, healthy life.

A Humana Group Medicare Member’s Story

Humana sees the whole person, providing guidance and tools to help connect seniors with the right care for their individual health goals. Learn more about Terrie’s story who is a Group Medicare member.

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Group Medicare plans for your retirees

Find the Group Medicare plan that works best for you and your retirees.

Medicare Advantage

Our customizable Medicare Advantage plans give sponsors and retirees a choice between preferred provider organization (PPO) and health maintenance organization (HMO) plans.

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Medicare Part D and prescription drug plans

Our various prescription drug plan (PDP) options are designed to complement your retirees’ Medicare plan and can be tailored to their needs and your company’s.

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Additional resources for your retirees

Wellness programs

Humana helps members stay active and focused on their health. Our Go365 by Humana® program engages and rewards members for healthy behaviors, while our SilverSneakers®* fitness program connects users with walking groups and other fitness classes.

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Preventive care

Our services, like prescription organization and health screening reminders, help members manage their health at every stage. Members can also access other health services at a discounted rate, plus enroll in programs to help stop smoking or manage their weight. 

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Community support

Humana proactively assists our members throughout their health journey, from telemedicine appointments to in-home wellness visits and safety checks. We also support members caring for a loved one, experiencing food insecurity, social isolation and other issues. 

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