The Wellness Effect: The Impact of Workplace Programs

Key insights into the impact of workplace wellness programs

This study offers insight into how workplace wellness programs improve employee health and engagement with a company’s goals and mission.

The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted research, sponsored by Humana, to understand the impact of workplace wellness programs, and the challenges and opportunities that inform their development.

The study revealed several key insights, including:

  • There is a competitive advantage for companies with a wellness culture.
  • Lack of time is the biggest impediment to employee participation.
  • Employer motivations for offering wellness programs differ by company size.
  • The biggest challenge to wellness is stress; but employers and employees disagree on how best to remediate it.

As we look ahead to 2016 and beyond, these findings offer insight into how employers can increase program participation, and leverage wellness to improve engagement with the company’s goals and mission.

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