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Know what to expect as you shop for benefit plans and enroll your employees.

Defined contribution strategies help businesses manage costs

Small businesses address healthcare affordability with defined contribution

Learn how a (tax deductible) defined contribution strategy can help your business control costs by offering a set amount toward employees' benefit costs.

Add coverage options at no cost with workplace voluntary benefits

Voluntary benefits: More choice, not more cost

Workplace voluntary benefits are optional plans you can offer, at no additional cost to your company, that make more choices available to employees who may wish to supplement and extend their coverage.

What do small businesses gain from EAPs?

Small Businesses Gain Big Benefits from EAPs

Learn how Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) can boost workplace productivity and employee satisfaction.

Three myths about narrow networks, debunked

Debunking the Myths About “Narrow Networks”

We've addressed some of the major misconceptions around, "narrow networks," which are comprised of local, community-based medical providers.

Help manage financial risk with accident plans

Today’s Accident Plans Help Manage Financial Risk

An accident benefit plan can help employees through unfortunate and unexpected events. Good plans provide benefit payments for qualified accidents from common injuries, or even death due to an accident.

Five trends in workplace wellness programs

5 Trends Every HR Professional Should Know

This report from Humana's EAP team outlines several trends that have changed in the workplace, from the avearage age of employees to the role of the ACA.

How you can attract millenials to work at your company

Workplace Dynamics: Attracting the Millennial Generation

Millenials are on the way to becoming the majority in the American workplace. Consider adopting a long-term benefits strategy to keep up with the changes in their health care needs.

5 things to consider when buying group health insurance

Understand how to consider funding options, network strength and voluntary benefits as you approach the process of choosing group health insurance.

Creative options

Creative options for offering health coverage

Employers can contain health benefits costs and satisfy employees. Learn how to factor cash flow, risk tolerance, and labor into your decision.

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