Make benefits enrollment easy for you and your employees

Once you've selected the best health insurance plan for your company, make sure employees understand the plan and their options so enrollment goes off without a hitch—without adding more to your plate.

Here are three tips for success.

1. Communicate early, often and visibly about your plan and deadlines

Educate employees about plan coverage and how the plan works. This can range from handouts (often available from the insurance carrier) to emails with useful PDF attachments, as well as reminder email/text messages with important dates and deadlines.

Keep in mind, employees have different preferences and levels of availability—remote workers or delivery drivers might miss an in-office handout—so be sure that resources are made available online or sent in the mail so they’re readily accessible to everyone.

Allow employees enough time to consider their options and enroll. On average employers give their employees about 2 weeks to choose and enroll in their workplace benefits.

2. Provide clarity around cost

For employees to understand and value your plan, it's critical that they understand its cost breakdown.

Employees will want to know about their monthly premium costs, as well as their out-of-pocket costs, such as copays and deductibles, that apply when they see a doctor. Be sure to explain how the company will contribute to these amounts, and how you will handle single and family coverage.

Including examples of how a plan covers common situations like pregnancy or a visit to the emergency room can help employees better understand how their plan works.

3. Tap into your carrier's support

Be sure to understand how employees should enroll—via phone, online, or paper forms—and ask about logistical assistance that may be available to employees during the enrollment process.

For example, carriers often provide tools and materials to help streamline the employee experience, such as handouts, online decision support tools, webinars or phone support for employees.

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