HR articles: 5 trends every HR professional should know

Understand how the workplace evolved. Explore trends in workplace wellness and tips to support a stressed workforce.

Five trends in workplace wellness programs

In today’s workplace, employers get caught up in complex issues such as healthcare costs, work-life balance, and culture clashes among workers. Many organizations try to problem-solve these workforce challenges by learning best practices; however, the rules, norms, and workers themselves are constantly changing, and employers that do not keep up with change can get left behind. The big question to ask right now is: How has the workplace evolved recently?

The year 2013 was a culmination of changes brought about by ghosts of the past and glimpses of the future. A condensed workforce has become the norm in many organizations five years after the financial crisis. In October 2013 came the official launch of the public health insurance exchanges, further opening up the health insurance marketplace. And workers who fall into the generational category of millennials are projected to become the majority in the workforce within a few years.

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