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Behavioral health support for employees

Our behavioral health services take a holistic, mind-and-body approach to your employee’s mental and emotional health. This encourages faster recovery, improves clinical outcomes and productivity, and ultimately reduces associated healthcare costs for both you and your employees.

We apply predictive analytics, health assessments and technology-driven proactive engagement solutions to help address employee’s behavioral issues early and apply the best treatment methods.

Take an integrated approach to behavioral health

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Utilization management

Help your employees get the appropriate type of care as soon as they need it. Our network of expert clinical care providers focus on just that: the right care at the right time.

  • Care that truly improves an employee’s overall behavioral health
  • Access to our 24/7 Customer Care call center with live support
  • Network of more than 65,000 credentialed care providers
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Complex case management

Our complex case management team supports employees by facilitating access to the services they need on the path to recovery from chronic conditions.

  • Regular condition assessments
  • Consistent phone support
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After-care follow up

Employees can receive a helping hand and consistent support following a period of treatment.

  • Additional care through a most-crucial period
  • Phone support for 30 days after discharge from inpatient care
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Behavioral health advocacy

When employees face both medical and behavioral issues, their overall health and effectiveness can deteriorate rapidly. Our advocates work with employees to offer telephonic care management for these issues.

  • Phone support to address comorbid health concerns
  • Family support
  • Care coordination
  • Data integration
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