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Humana behavioral health insurance for business

Integrated approach to behavioral health

Humana’s behavioral health services enable members to take a holistic mind-and-body approach to healthcare. This encourages faster recovery, improves clinical outcomes and productivity, and ultimately reduces associated healthcare costs for both the member and employer.

Through a variety of capabilities, such as predictive analytics, health assessments and technology-driven proactive member engagement, we’re able to address behavioral issues early to lower the incidence of inpatient care and/or relapse. .

Utilization management

One of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry today is ensuring people are getting the appropriate type of care as soon as possible. Humana’s behavioral health expert clinical staff focuses on just that: the right care at the right time.

Complex case management

When your employees face complex, chronic conditions, they often require extensive inpatient care. Our complex case management team supports them by facilitating access to the services they need and by helping them follow a path to recovery.

After-care follow up

The need for assistance and support doesn’t end once a person is discharged from inpatient care. Humana understands that members need additional resources and someone who is there to answer questions throughout the recovery period. After-care follow-up support provides that needed helping hand.

Integrated medical-behavioral health advocacy

Members are often faced with both medical and behavioral health problems. Also known as comorbidity, these kinds of health issues have healthcare costs that are two to three times higher than members without behavioral health complications. Effective medical-behavioral care integration can lead to up to 16% in medical cost savings.*

* Melek, Stephen, “Economic Impact of Integrated Medical-Behavioral Healthcare Implications for Psychiatry,” Milliman American Psychiatric Association Report April 2014, accessed 2 April 2015.

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