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Traditional Preferred Dental plan

This plan offers low deductible options for preventive, basic and major services. It also provides the same level of coinsurance with all dentists.

Key features

  • Employees can visit any dentist
  • Negotiated rates for in-network dentists
  • Employees can use to create a customized, ongoing oral health plan with their dentist

Additional features

These optional features may vary by plan:

  • Periodontics/endodontics as a basic service
  • Composite fillings for molars as a basic service
  • Implants as a major service; there's a $1,500 maximum implant benefit and implants are subject to the annual maximum
  • No deductible for preventive services Complete oral surgery as a basic service
  • Partial coverage (30% coinsurance) for services after you meet the annual maximum
  • Coverage for child orthodontia only or adult and child orthodontia

Even if a plan doesn’t include orthodontia benefits, it may provide up to 20% savings for visiting orthodontists in our network and asking for the discount.

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