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Humana Dental PPO plan

With the Humana Dental preferred provider organization (PPO) plan, employees can choose in-network or out-of-network dentists.

With the Dental PPO plan, your employees have the flexibility to go to any dentist in their area, and get the maximum benefits at the lowest cost for visiting an in-network dentist. If their dentist isn't in the network, they may still receive benefits, but at a higher out-of-pocket cost.

Key features

  • Reduced costs from in-network dentists
  • Coinsurance options for basic and major services
  • Employee access to, where they can create a customized, ongoing oral-health plan with their dentist

Additional features

This plan may include the following coverage:

  • No deductible for preventive services
  • Oral surgery as a basic service
  • Periodontal maintenance as a preventive service
  • An extended annual maximum providing 30% coinsurance on services beyond the annual maximum
  • Composite fillings for molars, as well as periodontics/endodontics, available as an optional rider
  • Implants as a major service subject to the annual maximum, available as an optional rider
  • Coverage for child orthodontia only, or adult and child orthodontia, available as an optional rider

Covered services

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