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Humana Access spending accounts

Give your employees an easy way to pay for out-of-pocket healthcare and dependent care expenses with a Humana Access® spending account.

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Great benefits included with our spending account plans

Helping employees take control of their healthcare finances and save on taxes

Mastercard® debit card

Employees have convenient access to their spending account funds on a single debit card.

Humana Access portal

Employees can quickly and easily manage their accounts with real-time account balances, detailed transaction history and self-service tools.

Tax savings

Payroll contributions from your employees are made before taxes are applied. Any contributions made by your organization are tax deductible.

Our plans are available to groups of all sizes

We offer 4 types of spending accounts to meet the unique needs of your employees and their families.

Account name Health savings account (HSA) Health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) Healthcare flexible spending account (FSA) Dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA) Summary

Only available with with a Humana high-deductible health plan.

Give employees an easy way to save for eligible healthcare costs through a pretax payroll deduction while earning interest on funds saved.

This employer-funded account helps employees pay for things like copays and deductibles, saving them money on out-of-pocket expenses, and it’s a tax-savings benefit for you.

A flexible healthcare benefit worthy of its name—can be offered with any Humana medical plan and can be funded by both you and your employees.

You can help employees to save for eligible dependent care expenses so they can continue to work. Contributions are a pretax payroll deduction.

Plan highlights
  • Tax-free contributions, earnings and distributions for qualified medical expenses allowed by the IRS
  • Opportunity to build savings
  • Opportunity to invest for longer-term growth
  • Funded by you and/or your employee
  • Funds belong to the employee
  • Funded by you with tax-deductible contributions
  • Fund the account throughout the year
  • Flexibility to determine the carryover amount
  • Can be paired with any Humana medical plan
  • Employer tax savings
  • Employee contributions are tax-free
  • No more “use it or lose it”—employers can choose to allow employees to roll over up to $500 in remaining healthcare FSA funds
  • Employer tax savings
  • Employee contributions are tax-free
  • Easy to access—employees can use the Humana Access® Mastercard to pay for dependent care expenses
Best fit for

Individuals who are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan who want to earn short- and long-term tax savings.

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Employers who want to reduce their health benefits costs while providing employees with a way to help manage their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

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Individuals who want a convenient way to set money aside for their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

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Individuals with dependent care expenses who want to save on their payroll taxes and have more take-home pay.

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