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Humana offers a variety of group health insurance plans to meet the unique needs of both large and small businesses. Plus, all plans include wellness solutions to help your employees get and stay well so you can run a healthy business.

Humana Medical plans

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Humana Simplicity

Easy for employees to use and understand. Employees know what their costs are upfront, and what to budget for healthcare expenses.

  • In-network preventive care covered at 100%
  • Employees pay set dollar amounts (copays) for services
  • Once the maximum out-of-pocket is reached, the plan pays 100% for any additional covered services
  • Go365 wellness incentives
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Total Health

Total Health is a wellness and engagement program that works with any Humana medical plan. (For companies with 100 or more employees)

  • Multi-year solution
  • Work with a designated engagement representative
  • Premium discounts for wellness engagement
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Level funded premium

A flexible self-funding solution with predictable, monthly costs and protection for your business from catastrophic claims, so there are no surprises. (Available for companies with 10 or more employees)

  • Comprehensive medical and pharmacy plans
  • Best-in-class wellness programs, such as Go365, included
  • Refund of claims surplus
  • Premium tax savings
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Self-funded plans

Self-funded arrangements give organizations the freedom to lower their premiums by leveraging their employees’ overall health and wellness.

  • Small businesses: Self-fund with predictable costs
  • Large businesses: Self-fund with administrative help
  • Choose one monthly premium to cover all your coverage needs
  • Self funding options
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High-deductible health plans

High-deductible health plans (HDHPs) offer small-business employees preventive coverage for an affordable premium.

  • Low premiums for employees
  • One deductible for both medical and prescription drug costs
  • Annual exams with in-network doctors are 100% covered
  • Compatible with health savings accounts
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Copay plans

Employees pay a flat dollar amount when visiting a healthcare professional or filling a prescription. Copay plans require a copayment for illness- and injury-related in-network doctor's office visits.

  • Employees pay a flat amount for services
  • Lower costs for staying in-network
  • Annual exams with in-network doctors are 100% covered
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Coinsurance plans

Offers complete coverage for preventive exams and services, and discounted percentages for additional services with in-network doctors.

  • Pays a percentage of a Humana-negotiated service price
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs for seeing in-network doctors
  • Preventive services covered 100% with in-network providers
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