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Small business and large group medical insurance

Humana offers a variety of group health insurance plans to meet the unique needs of both large and small businesses.

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No matter which option you choose, most Humana medical plan includes these great features:

Go365® wellness

Go365®members can earn rewards like Amazon and Target gift cards for doing everyday healthy activities.

Preventive care

Checkups, screenings, and routine X-rays performed by in-network providers are covered at 100%.

Doctor On Demand®

Virtual visits with board-certified doctors anywhere, anytime using a computer or mobile device.

CenterWell Pharmacy

Employees can save time and money with CenterWell Pharmacy™, our full-service, mail-delivery pharmacy.

Medical plans built for your business

Plan name Group size Summary Plan highlights Best fit for


Learn more about Canopy

Businesses of any size in select states

Don't pay for insurance you don't use. This simple plan helps maintain good health, but also provides protection when life happens.

  • Higher deductible amounts
  • Copays for basic services like office visits, telemedicine and pharmacy
  • Other services–pay the deductible, then the plan pays a percentage of the cost

Mostly healthy individuals, with minimal healthcare needs, who want a simple plan to maintain good health. Provides protection for a major healthcare event.


Learn more about Simplicity

Businesses of any size

This is a health plan with no surprises. Before getting care, employees will know exactly what they’ll pay for in-network covered services—it’s that simple.

  • No deductible
  • Simple straightforward copay for services

Budget-conscious individuals who want to know their up-front healthcare costs so they can better manage their expenses.


Learn more about HDHP

Businesses of any size

High-deductible health plans (HDHP) pay coinsurance, or a percentage of the cost, after the deductible is met for all covered services, including pharmacy.

  • High deductible amount, no copays
  • First pay a deductible, then the plan pays a percentage of the cost
  • Also compatible with health savings accounts (HSAs)

Generally healthy individuals who get routine, preventive care annually, but need full-coverage if a major healthcare event occurs.


Learn about Efficiency plans

Businesses of any size

This is one of our lowest-premium plans with extensive coverage and access to in-network discounts. Once the deductible is met, the plan pays a percentage of covered services until reaching the out-of-pocket maximum. After that, the plan pays 100% of all eligible in-network services.

  • Lowest-cost premiums
  • Spending account options available to help pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and offer tax savings
  • Members pay for care until they meet their deductible amount—after that, the plan pays a percentage of covered services and prescriptions

The Efficiency plan is great for budget-conscious employers looking to offer healthcare coverage with access to in-network discounts for a lower premium. Plus employees can easily access their spending account funds to help pay for out-of-pocket expenses.


Learn more about Copay plans

Businesses of any size

This is a traditional health plan with copays for some services and a deductible for other covered services.

  • Copays for basic services like preventive exams, virtual visits and pharmacy
  • Other services—pay the deductible, then the plan pays a percentage of the cost

Individuals looking for a traditional insurance plan that covers both routine care and other conditions.

Affordable self-funding options for employers

There's more than one way to address the cost of your benefit plan. Contact a licensed Humana sales agent if you're interested in any of these options:

For small businesses with up to 100 employees

Our Level-funded premium (LFP) funding solution is built with affordability in mind to help small businesses with the challenges of healthcare costs.

LFP offers the predictable costs of a fully insured plan with the savings of a self-funded, administrative services-only option. Plus, you get built-in wellness programs to help your employees be healthier and avoid sick days.

Learn more about LFP , PDF opens new window

For large businesses with 100 or more employees

Administrative Services Only (ASO) funding arrangements give your business the freedom to lower premiums by leveraging employees' overall health and wellness.

Learn more about ASO , PDF opens new window

Total Health is a wellness and engagement program that works with any Humana medical plan to help your employees get and stay well while keeping claims costs low.*

Learn more about Total Health , PDF opens new window

*Results from a 5-year Go365 impact study , PDF opens new window showed that employees who were more engaged with Go365 had fewer unscheduled absences, lower overall health claims costs and fewer visits to the hospital.

Sample certificates for employer coverage

Find state coverage information and plan provisions for employer-sponsored medical plans. You’ll find links to see samples of details regarding services covered or excluded in employer-sponsored plans in your state, as well as terms and provisions of the health plan named in the certificate.

Learn more about Sample certificates

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