Coinsurance plans

This plan offers complete coverage for preventive exams and discounted percentages for additional services. It also includes coverage for preventive services like annual exams at 100% when in-network doctors are used.

For additional covered services, the plans pay a coinsurance percentage, up to an out-of-pocket maximum, after deductible. Prescription drug coverage is also included.

  • Humana-only discounts – The plan pays a percentage of a Humana-negotiated service price, allowing employees lower fees above and beyond the covered percentage.

  • In-network convenience – By visiting an in-network doctor, employees avoid higher out-of-pocket rates.

  • Annual exams are covered – Employees can have preventive services like annual exams covered at 100% with in-network doctors.

Coinsurance: HMO

Health maintenance organization (HMO) plan members enjoy a large network and lower premiums.

Coinsurance: NPOS

National point of service (NPOS) plan members are free to go to any doctor, but can keep their costs low by staying within the network.

Coinsurance: PPO

Preferred provider organization (PPO) plan members have the flexibility to go to their choice of doctors—no referrals needed.

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