High-deductible plans

High-deductible health plans (HDHPs) offer small-business employees preventive coverage for an affordable premium.

For employees of small businesses who don’t want to pay a high premium but still want health coverage, HDHP plans offer budget-friendly options, covered preventive services and a single deductible for both medical and prescription services.

  • Reasonable premiums – Employees enjoy low premiums, knowing they’re still covered.
  • One deductible – HDHPs feature an integrated deductible for both medical and prescription drug costs.
  • Annual exams are covered – Employees can have preventive services like annual exams covered at 100% with in-network doctors.
  • Compatible with health savings accounts (HSAs) – Employees can pair their HDHP with an HSA—setting aside tax-free money for current-year healthcare expenses and building savings for the future.


Health maintenance organization (HMO) plan members enjoy a large network and lower premiums.


National point of service (NPOS) plan members are free to go to any doctor, but can keep their costs low by staying within the network.


Preferred provider organization (PPO) plan members have the flexibility to go to their choice of doctors—no referrals needed.

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