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Humana Simplicity health plan

With Simplicity, your employees will know exactly what they’ll pay before getting care. And there’s no deductible to meet for seeing a network provider before coverage kicks in. It’s that simple!

For people who want to better manage their healthcare expenses, this is the plan for them.

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A health plan with no surprises.

Benefits How it works

Every Simplicity plan includes:

  • No deductible for visits with network providers
  • Straightforward, simple copays for services
  • Free preventive care with healthcare visits with network providers, at no additional cost to your employees or their covered family members
  • Virtual visits with board-certified doctors - 24/7, with Doctor On Demand
  • Go365® rewards (like Target and Amazon gift cards) for healthy behaviors

Employees will pay a simple copay for network provider services.*

Here are some examples:

  • Preventive care visits: $0
  • Sick visits: $40
  • Specialist visits: $80
  • Telemedicine: $20
  • Urgent care: $100
  • Advanced imaging: $425
  • Emergency room: $425
  • Inpatient hospital: $1,500/day (first 3 days, then covered in full)
  • Outpatient surgery: $1,500

Covered employees and family members pay nothing after the out-of-pocket maximum during the plan year. Once the copays add up to the maximum out-of-pocket dollar amount, they’ll pay nothing for in-network healthcare services for the rest of the plan year.

All Humana medical plans can be paired with a Humana Access Spending Account, which is a convenient way to help employees cover their out-of-pocket expenses, while getting a tax break.

*All costs shown are for network providers. Plan option costs vary depending on the plan chosen.

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