Level-Funded Premium plans

Get the familiar structure and predictable costs of a fully insured commercial plan, with all the advantages of self-funding.

At Humana, we work with you to understand your company’s culture, budget and goals to help implement a self-funded plan along with a wellness strategy that engages employees in a personal way.

With a level-funded plan, you pay a fixed monthly rate toward a fund that covers employee healthcare claims. We take care of the details and administer your employee’s benefits.

Your monthly premiums are not based on community rates and claims are paid as-needed, with 100 percent refund of surplus claims payments at the close of the contract. In addition, by incentivizing your employees to maintain good health, your potential savings over a commercial health plan can be significant.

Key features :

  • Better manage healthcare costs and cash flow
  • Offered to small groups with 10 to 99 employees and larger groups with 100 to 300 employees
  • Standard medical and pharmacy benefits
  • Reduce premium taxes by only paying premium taxes applicable to stop loss premium
  • 100 percent refund of claims surplus—no strings attached
  • Humana only retains 4 percent of the maximum annual claims fund in reserve—lower than any other carrier
  • Share the benefits of a positive claims experience and get additional savings with HumanaVitality ®


Details :

  1. Select any Humana standard plan to offer with a Level Funded Premium funding arrangement
  2. Choose the level of administrative services:
    1. Enhanced: full suite of services which mirror our fully insured plans
    2. Basic and Full: options with fewer services to meet the needs of customers with more than 100 employees
  3. Select a stop-loss option:
    1. Specific stop loss: protects against large claims
    2. Basic and Full: protects your total claims exceeding a certain level
  4. Participate in HumanaVitality to potentially lower claims cost and reduce monthly fees

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