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Level-Funded Premium plans

Get the familiar structure and predictable costs of a fully insured commercial plan, with all the advantages of self-funding.

At Humana, we work with you to understand your company’s culture, budget and goals to help implement a self-funded plan along with a wellness strategy that engages employees in a personal way.

With a level-funded plan, you pay a fixed monthly rate toward a fund that covers employee healthcare claims. We take care of the details and administer your employee’s benefits.

Your monthly premiums are not based on community rates and claims are paid as-needed, with 100 percent refund of surplus claims payments at the close of the contract. In addition, by incentivizing your employees to maintain good health, your potential savings over a commercial health plan can be significant.

Key features

  • Regular and predictable health plan costs with a stable monthly premium throughout the year
  • Self-Funded plans designed to be attractive and affordable for small businesses
  • Stop Loss protects against risk of higher than expected claims
  • When claims are lower than expected, you receive 100 percent reimbursement of claims surplus
  • Humana only retains 6 percent of the annual claims fund in reserve to cover run-out claims
  • Offered to groups with 10 to 300 employees
  • Groups under 100 can receive Wellness Engagement Incentive credits up to 15 percent on their monthly invoice when employees engage in Go365™

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