Self-funded plans

Self-funded arrangements give organizations the freedom to lower their premiums by leveraging their employees’ overall health and wellness.

Small businesses : Self-fund with predictable costs

Self-fund your medical plan—you’ll know just what costs to budget for and you can limit your financial exposure.

Large businesses : Self-fund with administrative help

If you choose to fully or partially self-fund your healthcare plan, turn to Humana to lower your risk, reduce unexpected costs, pay your claims and offer wellness programs.

  • A single monthly premium for employers – Choose one monthly premium to cover all your coverage needs, from medical claims and administrative services to optional stop-loss protection. Depending on your option, you may even qualify for a refund if your employees don’t use it all.
  • A wide array of options – Individual and bundled options allow employees simple and focused benefits, expanded and wide-reaching services—or, with the election of unique, Humana-only programs, such as HumanaVitality and HumanaBeginnings®, something in between.
  • Healthier, more engaged employees – Nearly 50% of our self-funded arrangement participants are active in a Humana-integrated wellness program, while their employers see a reduction in absenteeism and claims costs.
  • Cost & control flexibility – With a variety of arrangements available for companies of all sizes and budgets, you can balance your need for cash flow flexibility with your desire for plan control and risk assumption. It’s like having your insurance plan custom tailored to your bottom line.

Self-funding: Administrative Services Only (ASO)

Help to lower your company’s healthcare costs while helping get the most out of your plan for you and your employees. ASO tools help you manage claims and benefits and answer coverage questions.

Self-funding: Level Funded Premium (LFP)

Integrate wellness and engagement support into your self-funded solution, creating a healthier workplace while lowering claims costs and increasing productivity.

Self-funding: Minimum Premium (MP)

Employers retain a fully insured funding arrangement while saving money on state taxes and increasing their cash flow by funding claims as they are incurred.

Self-funding: Stop-Loss insurance

Manage your medical claim risks while minimizing financial liability, guarding against large claims or total claims exceeding a certain level.

Key features:

Flexible options depending on your company's risk tolerance:

  • ASO bundle options let you choose your services around your budget and unique wellness needs.
  • Level Funded Premium offers the predictable costs of a fully-insured plan and the flexibility of a self-funded option—with an integrated wellness program.

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