Total Health

Available to companies with 100 or more employees, Total Health takes a big-picture approach to employees’ physical, mental and emotional well-being, both at home and on the job. It extends the benefits of your standard Humana medical plan with health and wellness solutions—year after year.

  • A culture of wellness – Integrate personalized service, preventive screenings and sensible lifestyle choices into an overall health, wellness and engagement plan to inspire a true culture of lifelong well-being in your organization.
  • Long-term health – Year after year, companies using Total Health may see absenteeism fall as employees’ overall wellness improves. In fact, in one study*, engaged employees, including those with chronic lifestyle conditions, saw their claims costs drop 60% and unscheduled absences decline.
  • Discounts for engaged employees – Over time, premium discounts of up to 10% may be added. The more employees engage, the greater their rewards.
  • Real rewards – Employees also receive membership in HumanaVitality®, a program that further motivates healthy choices for employees and their families by allowing them to earn rewards.
  • https://www.humana.com/employer/products-services/wellness-programs/humanavitality

    *“HumanaVitality Health Claims & Productivity Impact Study of 16,000+ Humana Associates,” 2014.

    Key features:

    • Flexibility to choose any Humana medical plan
    • Multi-year solution with incentives to encourage employees to make healthy behavior changes
    • A designated representative to work with you on a wellness strategy for your company
    • Rewards for program success—up to 10% savings off your renewal

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