Prescription Drug Options for Employers

Pharmacy solutions for business

Our prescription drug options can integrate with existing health coverage or function as a self-funded, standalone product.

Your covered employees have access to thousands of participating pharmacies, including a convenient mail delivery pharmacy, all at competitive costs.

Humana Pharmacy

Help manage costs and provide quality coverage

Humana Pharmacy®, a mail delivery pharmacy, provides convenient options to help meet employees’ medication needs.

Humana Specialty Pharmacy

Helping to support better health with better pharmacy options

Employees may have access to participating pharmacies where they can obtain specialty medications, including Humana Specialty Pharmacy. Humana Specialty Pharmacy (formerly RightSource® Specialty) provides added convenience for employees, allowing them to receive specialty medication via a mail-delivery pharmacy. It also helps keep employees healthy by providing them with information they need about their therapy—medicines, health plan coverage, prescription costs, side effects and more.

Pharmacy tools

Give employees resources to make smart choices

Find a participating pharmacy nearby, learn about medications, and get tips on how to save even more on the prescriptions employees need and use.

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