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Employers have saved an average of $3.27 on direct medical costs and $2.73 on absenteeism costs for every dollar spent.1

Wellness programs with real results

Go365 wellness and rewards program

Go365 is a wellness and rewards program for your employees, which can increase productivity and reduce healthcare costs. In fact, by year 3, people who engaged with our program saw their health claims costs reduced by over 10%, relative to those of unengaged members.2  Read the Go365 3-year impact study.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work-life services

Get guidance and support for any issue that demands an employee’s time and attention. The use of an EAP can result in savings to an employer of at least $1.98 for every dollar spent on the program, and at least $1.96 for every dollar spent on work-life services.3  Read about EAP & work-life savings

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