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Help keep your employees engaged and aware about their emotional, physical and financial health with our customized health and wellness solutions. We offer expert advice and a wide variety of programs, tools, educational materials and products—all geared to improve well-being. Get started today.

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Discover Humana Wellness

This is Vanessa. This is Vanessa being happy and productive at her job. But a few weeks ago, this was Vanessa: tired, struggling and stressed about family and financial issues. This is Vanessa’s boss, Frank. Frank saw Vanessa was having a hard time and wondered, “What can I do to help when I see my employees struggling?”

That’s when Frank discovered Humana Wellness.

As an employer, when you choose to work with Humana, there is a wide range of Wellness programs and services available to address many your employees’ needs. Well-being isn’t just physical – it’s mental, emotional, financial, and social, too. When your employees are overwhelmed by work, finances, and everyday responsibilities, it can cause them to not only be unhappy and unhealthy, but less productive as well.

Creating a “Culture of Well-Being” is one of the best ways to make wellness programming successful. At Humana, that’s far more than just a catchphrase. It’s about fostering a culture in which employees can participate in well-being in a tangible way – providing programs for stress relief, financial advice, and Work-Life Services that keep your employees engaged and productive at work. And we’ll be with you every step of the way, helping you create the culture that works best for your business.

We know that no two companies are alike and there is no one-size-fits all solution. Employers need a partner in well-being, not a transaction-based corporate contract. Our vision, resources, and ability to collaborate result in a custom strategy that’s a unique fit for your organization. Humana has the tools and know-how to make your wellness strategy a success. And that success can be measured in both reduced employee absences and lower healthcare costs.

Frank used Humana Wellness Programs to offer extra support and resources to Vanessa. Now she’s the happy, healthy and productive person you see today. That’s good for Vanessa and it’s great for business too. To learn more about how Humana can help, talk to a Humana Sales Representative today.

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These non-insurance services are provided by Humana Wellness.

Discover Humana Wellness

Our programs can help your workforce become healthier and more productive. Watch the video to learn more.

Employee Assistance Programs & Work-life Services

Personal issues can take away your employees’ focus and availability at work. Help your employees find support and resources with Humana’s Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and Work-Life services.

Humana Wellness Solutions

Health Coaching

Our trained health coaches work one-on-one with your employees to set, implement and maintain their health goals. Employees are empowered to change their health for the better, lowering healthcare costs and improving their performance at work.

About Health Coaching (70KB)

Health Promotion Consultants

Our skilled Health Promotion Consultants serve as an extension of your human resources or benefits department to plan and implement wellness programming.

About Health Promotion Consultants (69KB)

Health Assessments

Health Assessments give employees a snapshot of their current health—a great starting point to help them make smart behavior changes.

About Health Assessments (68KB)

Humana Engagement Source

Humana Engagement Source is a comprehensive online resource with tools to help you keep employees engaged with wellness, including shareable health content, customizable employee materials and more.

About Humana Engagement Source (71KB)

Health & Wellness Connection

Give employees direct online access to their biometric screenings, Health Assessment results and educational materials via the Health & Wellness Connection.

About Health & Wellness Connection (71KB)

Organizational evaluation

Let us sit with you to evaluate your organization’s needs and help you create a multi-year wellness plan.

Organizational Evaluation (71KB)

Health Status Consultations

When employees meet with wellness experts for a Health Status Consultation they walk away with a personalized plan for a healthier life.

About Health Status Consultations (70KB)

Flu vaccinations

Worksite flu vaccinations provide employees a convenient way to take a step toward a healthier cold and flu season.

About flu vaccinations (70KB)

Biometric screenings

Our biometric screenings may help employees identify potential health risks and concerns.

About biometric screenings (70KB)

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