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Wellness and rewards for your workforce

Help your employees become happier, healthier and more productive with Go365® wellness and rewards.

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Personalized wellness programs with real results

Go365 is a wellness and rewards program that allows your employees to earn awesome rewards for healthy activities like workouts, preventive exams and more.

Biometric screenings

Help boost your workforce's well-being with comprehensive medical screenings that help your employees identify and address potential health concerns.

Healthy Life Coaching

Go365 rewards your employees for engaging with Go365’s telephonic coaching service or virtual coaching resources. Coaching may assist your employees with health and life topics such as job satisfaction and career development, stress and sleep, relationships, weight management, financial well-being and more. Learn more about our telephonic coaching offering, PDF.

Engagement Source

This self-service portal includes resources to plan, promote and implement worksite wellness initiatives—and maximize employee participation in Go365. Access educational materials and templates, webinars and facilitate company challenges all in one spot!

Lower healthcare claims costs

Better productivity and quality of life

Fewer and shorter hospital visits

Improved biometric screening results

Go365 supports many existing mobile apps and devices

Go365 goes with your employees—everywhere

They can log activities, track progress and claim rewards using smartphones, tablets or desktops.

Go365 syncs with many apps and devices

Employees can connect Go365 to diet and nutrition apps, sleep monitors and activity trackers.

* This study was based on a subset of Go365 members. Results are not guaranteed.