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You can help protect the greatest asset of your business—your employees—with voluntary benefits. Today’s employees see real value in a flexible, competitive benefits plan, especially as they face rising healthcare costs and limited budgets. Our voluntary products are available at a group rate, with easy administration and guaranteed issue.

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Arm your employees with coverage that can ease the pain of financial injuries. Accident plans pay a lump sum, regardless of treatment or injury, for costs associated with an accident.

  • Reimburses all eligible accidents, as well as sprains and superficial injuries
  • No calendar-year maximums
  • Family coverage available
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Cancer coverage

Provides a cash payment that may help offset loss-of-income and expenses incurred for cancer treatment.

  • Cover loss of income due to critical illness and treatments
  • Multiple benefit options, such as a lump sum rider
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Critical illness

Critical illness coverage provides a lump-sum benefit to your employees so they can continue to meet their financial obligations while focusing on recovery.

  • Optional Well-being benefit
  • Lump sum payment to cover unexpected expenses
  • Family coverage
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Disability insurance helps families stay afloat while a disabled employee recovers. This benefit can replace up to 60 percent of their lost income and focus on a full recovery.

  • Customize coverage to complement your benefits package
  • Guaranteed issue available , with no health questions
  • Convenient payroll deduction
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Hospital indemnity

Pays employees a lump-sum cash benefit if they’re hospitalized, to help pay medical bills and cover everyday expenses.

  • Optional Well-being benefit
  • Guaranteed issue available with no health questions
  • Family coverage
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Term & Whole-life

Whole life coverage provides protection through retirement with premiums and benefits that don’t change and build cash value that employees can access to for any reason.

  • Accelerated living benefit for terminal illnesses
  • Facility care accelerated care benefit
  • Waiver of premium
  • Optional family coverage
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