Accident, Disability, Voluntary Life Benefits for Employees

Workplace Voluntary Benefit Plans

Help your employees navigate unexpected illness or injury

You can help protect the greatest asset of your business –your employees – with voluntary benefits. Today’s employees see real value in a flexible, competitive benefits plan, especially as they face rising healthcare costs and limited budgets. Voluntary products are available at a group rate, with easy administration and guaranteed issue.


Arm your employees with coverage that can ease the pain of financial injuries. Accident plans pay a lump sum, regardless of treatment or injury, for costs associated with an accident. Unlike some outdated plans, our accident plan reimburses all eligible accidents, as well as sprains and superficial injuries.

Critical Illness

The good news is, survival rates of heart attacks, strokes and cancer are on the rise. But the diagnosis of and recovery from these serious illnesses can interrupt anyone’s life physically, emotionally and financially. Recovering from a critical illness is difficult enough without worrying about the added stress of meeting financial obligations. Critical illness coverage provides a lump-sum benefit to your employees so they can continue to meet their financial obligations while focusing on recovery Employers can customize critical illness plans to complement their current benefit packages – especially, high-deductible health plans.

Hospital Indemnity

Hospital Indemnity plans pay employees a lump-sum cash benefit when they’re hospitalized. These cash benefits pay in addition to other coverage. Benefits can be used however they choose: to help pay medical bills and cover everyday expenses. It can help them get back on their feet and back to work.

Term & Whole Life

Whole life provides protection through retirement with premiums and benefits that don’t change with age. It also builds cash value that the employee can gain access to for any reason – mortgage costs, a child’s education expenses, retirement income and more. It’s an excellent complement to your employer paid term life plan.


Disability Income insurance helps families stay afloat while employees recover by replacing up to 60 percent of their lost income. The plan provides a monthly disability income benefit that can help pay housing costs, food, car payments and any additional medical costs.

This gives employees the opportunity to focus on a full recovery and successful return to the workplace.

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