Educational Resources about Medicare, Healthcare Reform, and more

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We know that running a business means making big decisions. Selecting benefits for your employees is no small task.

We’re here to help make it easier for you to make decisions for your business that you and your employees can feel good about.

Healthcare reform

There are still a lot of questions about healthcare reform—known as the Affordable Care Act—and it's tough to know where to turn for answers. That's why Humana has taken the time to clarify the new law. Armed with the facts, you can make informed choices for your business.

Medicare-eligible Employees

You can help your Medicare-eligible Employees transition to a Medicare plan simply and seamlessly. Your employees can keep the doctors they know and trust, along with hospitals, prescriptions and other features.

Plus, you can help your business by eliminating potential COBRA costs.

Medicare Part D resources

Learn how Medicare Part D can affect businesses and which Humana prescription drug plans provide creditable coverage.


Learn how wellness works or get assistance on applications through our educational content.

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Humana offers a private exchange for businesses via first- and third-party services, enabling employers to shop for health benefit options.

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