Humana and the state of Indiana team up on well-being

Executive summary

The state of Indiana (SoI) teamed up with Humana wellness in January, 2015 to further improve the overall well-being of Indiana’s state employees. SoI envisioned an organization supported by a comprehensive promotional strategy and an authentic culture of well-being. The end result would attract higher levels of engagement and encourage employees to lead healthier lives.

Humana has worked with them to help make those goals a reality.

About the state of Indiana

The state of Indiana is a large government-sector employer with approximately 30,000 employees and 60,000 lives covered on its health plan. Spread throughout all 92 counties of the state, this diverse workforce serves the constituents of Indiana

These non-insurance services are provided by Humana wellness and Go365. Go365 is not an insurance product.

  1. Engagement in Go365 is defined as achieving Silver status or higher in the program, which can only be achieved by earning enough points via accomplishing tasks such as taking 10,000 steps in a day or going to a dental cleaning.
  2. The 30% and 6% figures come from averages pulled from Go365 non-integrated medical clients.
  3. No comparison data for participation is available because these types of activities were not tracked before the Humana HPC was implemented.

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