Engagement Source: Your 24/7 workplace wellness toolkit

Humana Engagement Source (HES) and Go365® Engagement Source (GO365 ES) are websites that provide wellness program administrators with resources and tools to help their organizations meet and exceed their wellness program goals.

These self-service websites have everything you need to effectively plan, promote and implement wellness programs for your employees.

Go365 Engagement Source is available to Employers that have Go365 included in their medical benefits.

Humana Engagement Source is available to employers who purchase a standalone Humana wellness product, such as Health coaching .

Key features

With Engagement Source, employers gain access to:

  • Interactive, monthly webinars
  • Strategic planning tools
  • Complete annual wellness calendar
  • Shareable health content
  • Turnkey toolkits and program ideas
  • Initiative ideas with supplemental materials
  • Wellness insight and expertise
  • Tools to administer challenges and company-sponsored events*

*Only available to our Go365 clients.

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