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FAQs about COVID-19

We’re committed to providing you with answers and ongoing support in this rapidly changing environment. Check out these FAQs to learn more about what Humana is doing to support you and your employees in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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Access our Workplace Reentry Essentials Guide

As so many companies consider returning to their normal – or “new normal” – work routines, creating a clear workplace reentry plan is a necessity. This is your go-to resource to help you overcome the challenges and uncertainties of our current circumstances.

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Watch past webinars and download helpful resources

Employer considerations under the American Rescue Plan Act’s COBRA premium assistance provision

Humana and Carlton Pilger from Fisher Phillips LLP host this webinar and share answers to common questions you may be facing about the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) as it relates to COBRA premium assistance. This conversation includes an in-depth review of the legislation, eligibility and steps employers need to take to meet notice and other requirements.

Employer considerations about COVID-19 vaccinations and healthcare policy

Humana executives Dr. William Shrank, Chief Medical Officer and Deb Oberman, Vice President of Government Affairs present a conversation about COVID-19 vaccines and emerging healthcare policy considerations. Drawing on learnings about both the impact of COVID-19 and state regulations on healthcare, this discussion highlights emerging policies that employers will want to keep in mind.

The benefits of virtual care through telemedicine

Caleb Gallifant, Humana’s vice president of Product & Partnerships, and David Deane, head of Growth & Strategy for Doctor On Demand®, present a conversation on the benefits of virtual care, including potential savings for employers and their employees. They’ll also discuss how virtual care helps deliver day-to-day and urgent care with lower costs, the benefits of telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how to access virtual care services.

Ongoing guidance for managing through turbulent times

Humana’s Senior VP of Workplace Experience, Douglas Edwards, and Director of Inclusion & Diversity, Christopher Johnson, host an educational discussion about how to address difficult, but critical, discussions about race in the workplace environment.

COVID-19: Safe and effective return-to-work planning – Part 2

Humana's Senior Vice President of Associate Health & Well-being, Tim State, offers tactical support to help advance employer decision-making, shares insights about the role testing could play in return-to-work planning and discusses products available to help employers get back to work.

COVID-19 worksite testing: Understanding the basics

Humana's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Shrank, offers an educational webinar about the most common COVID-19 testing procedures, complicating factors in designing testing strategies and considerations to inform when testing might—and might not—be right for you.

Navigating the physical and mental impacts of COVID-19

Humana's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Shrank, shares tools and resources available to help address the physical and mental health needs facing employees during this COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19: Safe and effective return-to-work planning – Part 1

Tim State, Humana's Senior Vice President of Associate Health & Well-Being, hosts an interactive discussion offering tips and strategies for developing physically and psychologically safe and effective COVID-19 return-to-work plans.