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Sheereen: Most people that know me know, as long as I feel I'm in control of things, I can deal with anything. But when this happened, I didn't feel in control. Everything just happened at one time, and I just couldn't understand my body's just giving out, and I've never been depressed in my life. All of a sudden now is like, I'm not feeling good. How do I handle this? What can I take? What do I do?

Sheereen: The last time I went in the hospital was late October and first part of November. Humana decided, "Okay, you need some extra help here." And when Rhonda started calling, that conversation saved my life.

Rhonda: She had been in the hospital a couple of times before I started calling her.

Sheereen: Rhonda.

Rhonda: Hey.

Sheereen: Rhonda.

Rhonda: I'm a registered nurse. The purpose of the program I work for is to make sure she has what she needs to live the best life she can live. With her already having the congestive heart failure, the COPD, then throw the AFib in there too. Atrial fibrillation, it's an irregular heartbeat. Your heartbeat can go 60, be perfectly fine, and it feels like almost like a flutter, and it can go up in the hundreds and then shoot back down to the sixties.

Rhonda: Be careful.

Rhonda: She's like, "Rhonda, I don't know. I just feel like I'm getting a new chapter every day here. What am I doing? And I haven't changed my diet, and I haven't changed my medication." So I said, let's call over to the Humana pharmacist. We can do what we call on our end of medication reconciliation to see is there any medications that may interact with each other on a deeper level. So we call over, we give them all the medications. I think you was like, "Oh yeah, I got this one too. I started this a couple of weeks ago," and it was the heart rate medication.

Rhonda: They look, and they see an interaction between that medication and the blood thinner she'd been taken for years. We get off the phone with the pharmacist, and I'm like, "Okay, do you want me to help you call over to the doctor?"

Sheereen: Yes.

Rhonda: "And talk to the doctor. Let them know what they found."

Rhonda: Within a day or two of changing those medications, everything kind of just started coming together.

Sheereen: That's why I said that conversation saved my life. Rhonda's not the type that will say, "Well, sounds like you need to speak to our Humana pharmacist. Let me give you that number." No, Rhonda would say, "Let's get Humana on the phone. Do you mind if I stay on with you?" I was like, "Of course, go ahead." She'll stay the whole time, and she was interacting, even when she called the doctor. And that's one thing I'm thankful for because if she didn't understand something, she would get the information and bring it to me. That made me feel better.

Rhonda: I took her like one of my family members. I wouldn't leave my family member just sitting there, not being able to make an appointment or without medication. She became my adopted family, didn't you?

Sheereen: A long-lost cousin, okay.

Narrator: Healthcare is complicated, but it doesn't have to be. At Humana, we are working to change expectations in healthcare, using our knowledge and expertise and also by bringing a human touch to those in our care. Our goal is to create personalized, caring and easy solutions together with our members and clinicians and as a result, deliver better health outcomes and reduced costs.

Narrator: Thanks to Humana and Medicare advantage, Sheereen is able to navigate the complexities of both her health condition and the health system.

A human touch to healthcare

Managing chronic conditions can be complicated. Our team of experts works 1-on-1 with members like Sheereen to help them manage their conditions and focus on their health.

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Our focus is on meeting our members’ needs today, tomorrow and throughout their health journey.

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We design our experiences around our members—making sure that our systems are easy to use and seamless. No matter which devices or channels your retirees prefer, Humana delivers consistent, personalized experiences.

World-class customer service

Humana is highly ranked in customer service. We received a best-in-class Net Promoter Score for our high-quality plans and customer service.1

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Exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. I've never had a phone call where the Humana representative didn't go out of her way to help me, no matter how long it took.

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  1. "Humana NPSr Tracking Analytics,” Humana internal data, last accessed April 19, 2022.