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Group Medicare Part D prescription drug plans

Employer-sponsored prescription drug coverage gives your retirees options

Group Medicare Part D prescription drug plans (PDPs) help your retirees get the medications they need, when they need them. These plans can be offered alongside any medical coverage your organization already offers.

Learn more about our Group Medicare PDP options and pricing.

Understanding Group Medicare PDP

Group Medicare Part D prescription drug plans help reduce the cost of prescription drugs for those eligible for Medicare. Original Medicare, which includes Parts A and B, is typically paired with a Part D plan to offer an added layer of protection against high healthcare costs.

Ways to offer your retirees prescription drug coverage:

  • As a standalone PDP that’s paired with an Original Medicare plan
  • As part of a Medicare Advantage plan, which already includes Part D prescription drug coverage

Invest in your retirees with Humana

Your people are the heart of your organization. Choosing the right Group Medicare PDP supports the health of your retirees and your business.

Peace of mind

Retirees get extensive prescription drug coverage with our wide variety of flexible plans, including during the “coverage gap” for both generic and brand-name prescription drugs. All Humana PDPs ensure retirees have at least the minimum prescription drug coverage required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Affordable coverage

Beyond affordable premiums, our PDPs offer predictable copayments that can make it easier for retirees to budget for prescriptions drug costs. Some plans also have no deductible, which helps retirees save money on their prescription drugs as soon as the plan year begins.

Award-winning services

Your retirees also get access to additional services to help them save money, like personalized guidance in SmartSummary Rx® and the convenience of access to mail-delivery pharmacies, like CenterWell Pharmacy™ .

Humana PDP benefits for retirees

In addition to providing prescription drug coverage, Humana Group Medicare Part D plans include added services, at no extra cost, to help retirees manage their health and budget.

Plan benefits can include:

  • Broad pharmacy network
  • Home delivery service
  • Drug utilization programs and medication therapy management

Humana PDP benefits for employers

Humana Group Medicare Part D plans can be offered alongside or fully integrated with any medical coverage.

Options include:

  • A variety of plans tailored to the needs of plan sponsors and their retirees
  • Predictable costs that can save money, plus plan sponsors who do not assume the risk
  • Plans that can be offered alongside any medical coverage

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