Complete Dental plan in North Carolina

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Dentist choice

Choose any dentist, in or out of network (Save more with in-network providers)

Annual deductible

Yes – $50 for one person, or up to $150 per family (Deductible waived for in-network preventive services)

Annual benefit maximum

$1,250 per individual for first year, $1,500 for second year and thereafter

Routine cleaning/X-rays

100% covered

Office visits (exams)

100% covered

Waiting period

None for preventive services 6 months for basic services, waived with proof of coverage for previous 12 months 12 months for major services, waived with proof of coverage for previous 12 months

More about the Complete Dental plan

With this plan, all preventive care including exams, cleanings and X-rays are covered at 100%. You can also enjoy big discounts on basic services like fillings and extractions, as well as major services like root canals, dentures and oral surgery. And with proof of dental insurance for the previous 12 months, all waiting periods are waived. So you get rewarded for taking good care of your dental health.

With all our dental plans, you have the option of making one annual payment or 12 monthly installments (an initial one-year contract period applies).

Did you know that you can purchase one of our affordable dental plans at any time? Or that you don’t need to have a medical plan to get dental coverage? As an extra bonus, you can save $35 if you purchase dental and vision coverage at the same.

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