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Living with kidney disease? Humana can help

Humana has resources available to help eligible Humana members with chronic kidney disease (CKD) or end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) achieve and keep the best possible quality of life.

What is CKD and ESKD?

Chronic kidney disease

CKD is a condition where the kidneys are damaged and gradually lose their ability to filter waste and fluid from your blood.

If left untreated, CKD gets worse over time and can lead to other health problems, like heart disease and stroke. However, there are evidence-based care options that can delay the progression of CKD and help improve your quality of life.

End-stage kidney disease

ESKD is the final, permanent stage of chronic kidney disease. It means the kidneys can no longer function on their own. ESKD cannot be reversed and is life-threatening if left untreated. But thanks to new care models offered by healthcare champions, having ESKD doesn't automatically mean dialysis. You’ll be connected to personalized services that can help make your life better.

If you do need dialysis or a kidney transplant, these measures may help you live longer. You can also choose conservative care to manage your symptoms to aim for the best quality of life during your remaining time.

Here for you in many ways

Humana and our support partners can help you feel your best when you’re living with kidney disease. We help you set personalized care goals and guide you to treatments that may work well with your lifestyle.

Resources that may be available include:

1-on-1 support at every step

In-home health and medication assessments

Coordination with care specialists

Humana connects you to support

Humana will assign members living with CKD or ESKD to a healthcare champion depending on the state of residence:

  • InterWell Health for eligible patients in states other than those designated below

  • Monogram Health for eligible patients in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee

  • Strive Health for eligible patients in Indiana and Kentucky

Learn more about your state’s vendor by selecting the links above.

Program eligibility

A program representative will reach out if you’re eligible for kidney care services. To learn more, call Customer Care using the number on the back of your Humana ID card.

Programs may be available to eligible members at no additional cost.