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Manage your health

Take charge of your well-being. At Humana, we offer members tools and resources to help maintain and improve their health at any age.

A senior woman helps her young granddaughter water a pot of flowers sitting on a table outside of her home.

Explore ways to improve your health 

Whether you need help managing a condition or maintaining good health, we support your wellness goals with steps to help you achieve them. See examples here of some of the programs and extras that may come with your plan.

Get preventive care

Easily find your medical information, get reminders when you’re due for a screening or prescription refill, if applicable, and read tips on ways to live healthier—all in MyHumana.

Home care services

From in-person house calls to telehealth, eligible Medicare Advantage plan members can get whole-person care in the comfort and privacy of their home.

Achieve your health goals

We want to help you do what matters most to you. Take advantage of the extras included in your plan to set goals, stay motivated and get closer to achieving your best health.

A happy family of four sits around the dinner table as they enjoy eating a healthy meal.

Treating the whole person

Paying attention to all aspects of your health—mental, emotional and physical—is an important part of managing your health. This could include flexible health options that cater to your unique lifestyle, care needs and overall well-being.

Man looks at a tablet as he sits on his couch.

Working smarter

At Humana, technology works in tandem with our wellness programs so that we can help you make better care decisions and reduce healthcare-related expenses.

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