HumanaFirst Nurse Advice Line

HumanaFirst Nurse Advice Line

With one toll-free call, Humana's Medicare members get expert advice from a registered nurse—anytime.

When you're sick, it's nice to see a familiar face—like your family doctor's. But that's not always possible due to time constraints.

When you have an immediate health concern, you can turn to HumanaFirst® anytime, day or night. Just call the HumanaFirst Nurse Advice Line to talk with a registered nurse.

HumanaFirst helps you make important medical decisions quickly

It's not always easy to determine whether a condition requires a visit to a primary care physician or a specialist. When you need help choosing the appropriate level of care, call the HumanaFirst Nurse Advice Line.

A registered nurse will help you determine if you can manage your care at home or need the attention of a medical professional. This service isn't intended for emergencies. In case of emergency, dial 911 immediately.

HumanaFirst also helps with not-so-immediate issues

The need for information doesn't always go away when you leave the doctor's office or hospital. In fact, you may have even more questions.

That's why we've expanded HumanaFirst to offer guidance after you seek medical care. Call when:

  • You need a "refresher course" in changing your bandage after a recent surgery
  • You've been diagnosed with a health condition like diabetes or cancer
  • You just want to talk with a healthcare professional or find out what help is available

HumanaFirst is here to help

Whether you have an immediate health concern, questions about a particular medical condition, or would like general information about any of Humana's health resources, we're here to help.

Just call the HumanaFirst Nurse Advice Line toll-free.

HumanaFirst is not available in all markets.

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