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LI NET—Advocate resources

Humana is committed to providing advocates with tools and resources to help beneficiaries enroll and navigate the LI NET program.

LI NET is a Medicare program that provides immediate prescription coverage for Medicare beneficiaries who qualify for Medicaid or “Extra Help” and have no prescription drug coverage.

Enrollment in LI NET is temporary, usually for 1 to 2 months. This provides the beneficiary time to choose a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan that best fits their needs. If the beneficiary does not select a plan within this timeframe, Medicare will enroll the beneficiary into a benchmark plan. Coverage for out-of-pocket expenses during eligible periods (retroactive coverage) is also available by submitting a direct member reimbursement form.

Medicare’s LI NET program tutorial

Whether you’re new to LI NET or need a refresher, we made a video providing a high-level overview of the program. Watch our LINET program video here.

Helpful LI NET resources for advocates

Eligibility requirements Documents and forms Other resources

Eligibility requirements of the LI NET program include:

  • Medicare and Part D eligibility
  • Eligible for “Extra Help,” including any of the following:
    • Full-benefit dual-eligible beneficiaries: those with Medicare and full Medicaid benefits
    • SSI-only beneficiaries: those with Medicare who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) but do not have Medicaid
    • Partial-benefit dual-eligible beneficiaries: those with Medicare who qualify for Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) but not full Medicaid, i.e., QMB Only, SLMB Only and QI
    • “Extra Help” applicants: those who have applied for, and have been awarded, “Extra Help” through SSA or their state
  • Have no other prescription coverage, including:
    • Part D plan coverage
    • Retiree drug subsidy (RDS) plan
    • VA coverage
  • Not enrolled in a Part C plan, which does not allow concomitant enrollment in a Part D plan
  • Not opted out of auto-enrollment
  • Have a permanent address in the 50 states or DC

Request LI NET training

To request training, please fill out the Request LI NET Training Form.