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Veterans, when it comes to Medicare, Humana’s got your six

Humana Honor® plans* may pair well with your Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits, expanding your options for coverage. With Humana, it’s more than healthcare, it’s human care. Explore the value of a Medicare Advantage plan even if you’re already covered by VA benefits.

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Providing support when it matters most

Service above all

Whether it’s expanding benefits to meet members’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, or addressing food insecurity, loneliness, and health equity through collective initiatives with community partners, we’re here for you.

Find nutrition resources in your community, Docushare link to Healthy food, healthier outcomes for veterans, PDF opens new window

Healthcare closer to home

Why would I need Medicare if I have VA benefits?

Your VA benefits cover care at VA facilities, but with a Medicare Advantage plan from Humana, you can access doctors and hospitals outside the VA system, which may be closer to home. We’re the national Medicare plan provider recommended by AMVETS, VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and DAV (Disabled American Veterans), helping provide veterans with options for the coverage they need.

The coverage you deserve

For your service, for your sacrifice, we honor you

And we’re always ready to serve you with Medicare plans—like our Humana Honor Medicare Advantage plans*— that may expand your options for care. Open to veterans and non-veterans alike, these plans offer $0 monthly premiums, $0 copays for primary care physician visits and a Medicare Part B giveback on all plans.

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Our plans are USAA® recommended

We’re proud that USAA* now recommends our Medicare Advantage plans, including Humana Honor plans*. For nearly 100 years, USAA has provided financial services to military families and veterans. We’re honored to work with a company that values service as much as we do.

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Plans to honor your service and meet your needs

We offer plans designed to deliver the well-rounded coverage and care that our veterans deserve. Watch to learn more about Humana’s commitment to veterans and their families.

Ed Sandrick:

My name is Ed Sandrick, director of the Veterans Channel at Humana, and I’m a Veteran who proudly served in the United States Marine Corps.

Since 1996, Humana has been committed to improving the well-being of Veterans and their families. We aim to be the health plan of choice for Veterans and their families, and our teams are dedicated to helping members navigate their health needs, side by side. It is how we intend to care for these service men and women, and their families who have sacrificed so much for us.

Doing well while doing good. That’s a tenant of our perfect experience program here at Humana. I first started in 2014, I think, when one of the VPs talked about doing well while doing good in his speech to us. It stuck with me. I wrote it down and came back and talked with my team about it, because frankly you can’t do well in the veteran community unless you do good first. We need to become part of the fabric of the veteran community to understand what their needs were and to truly help them. And I believe that’s served us well. I do believe were doing well and I only believe we’re doing well because we do good.

An important innovation for Humana is the Humana Honor Medicare Advantage plan. We interviewed Veterans, conducted focus groups and surveys, to understand what Veterans needed. And we recognized that Veterans’ health benefits could be strengthened and created a plan that caters to Veterans and their families. The Humana Honor plans – which are recommended by USAA and are available to anyone with Medicare – round out benefits service members may already have through the VA.

For many years, Humana has strived to understand barriers to good health faced by Veterans and their families, especially the almost 9 million Veterans who are eligible for Medicare. We have longstanding relationships with Veteran service organizations, and we actively work to address the needs of Veteran communities, impacted by social isolation, food insecurity, homelessness, mental health, and employment. We’re committed to doing our part and providing support to our Veterans and seek to be the Medicare provider of choice for Veterans and their families

Humana takes a differentiated approach to helping our members address their most important health care needs – it’s called Human Care. Human Care goes beyond physical health by: Supporting members’ social and emotional health. Listening to members’ concerns and providing resources. Going above and beyond to make the healthcare experience better for our members by delivering predictable, affordable, and understandable care. With Humana, you have a partner who listens and acts to help keep you at your healthiest.

Coverage that pays off

You may be able to get money back in your Social Security check by lowering what you pay for your Medicare Part B premium with the Medicare Part B Giveback Benefit.

Get coverage beyond the basics

A Medicare Advantage plan, like Humana’s Honor plans, could provide you with options beyond VA healthcare, including dental coverage with no-cost semi-annual cleanings and checkups with X-rays.

A large network of providers

Many Humana Medicare Advantage plans include access to specialists outside the VA network and walk-in care all over the country.

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Veterans and Medicare

Learn more about how our Medicare Advantage plans may expand your coverage.

*Anyone eligible for Medicare may enroll in an Honor Plan. Other plans are available through Humana and Veterans may enroll in any plan of their choice