Summaries and Solutions

Webinar companion: executive summaries

These one-page executive summaries boil down hot topics to what matters most: a quick summary of the issue, questions employers need to ask, and strategies employers should consider. These documents are companion pieces to Humana Healthcare Perspectives webinars, which you can view on demand on this site.

Making Health Cool Summary: Culture change is the key to making health cool Solution: Apply entertainment and technology to make health promotion more successful. (106 KB) Download PDF English

Employee Engagement Strategies Summary: Plan design alone won't reduce healthcare cost trends Solution: Employers can take certain steps to implement a culture of health (106 KB) Download PDF English

Successful Transition to Consumerism Summary: Employers worry that employees aren't ready for healthcare consumerism Solution: Humana's research provides nine strategies to make the transition easier (106 KB) Download PDF English

Multigenerational Work Force Summary: Generations think and act in different ways Solution: Address these differences to make your benefits programs and communications more successful (106 KB) Download PDF English

Retool Your Work Force Summary: Ideas and innovations shouldn't stop during a recession Solution: You can use the recession as an opportunity to retool and set up your company for growth (106 KB) Download PDF English

Winning Wellness Strategies Summary: Wellness programs must address employee's total health—physical & emotional Solution: Invest in your employees' health and create a supportive environment (106 KB) Download PDF English