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Caregiver access to protected health information

Sometimes you need more information to be the best caregiver for a family member on Humana Medicare.

A caregiver helps a senior complete an art project

In order for you to have access to your loved one’s claims and coverage information, you will need to submit the Consent for Release of Protected Health Information (PHI) Form through fax, mail or online through your loved one’s MyHumana account.

Choose from 1 of 3 options

Option 1: Mail or fax the form

Your loved one’s consent allows Humana to only share information with you. It doesn’t give you medical power of attorney—the right to make decisions about your parents’ care.

Simply print out the Consent for Release of PHI form below and mail or fax it to Humana. The form needs to be renewed every 2 years.

Consent for Release of Protected Health Information (PHI) Form – English, PDF opens new window

Consent for Release of Protected Health Information (PHI) Form – Spanish, PDF opens new window

Mail to:
Humana Insurance Company
P.O. Box 14168
Lexington, KY 40512-4168

Fax to:

Option 2: Call Humana Customer Care

If you are a caregiver who needs immediate, one-time access to your loved one’s medical information, you can call Humana. If you decide to state yourself as caregiver over the phone, your loved one must be in the room when you talk to a Humana representative. This option is only for a current need---you will need to select Option 1 or Option 3 to have continuous access that you renew every 2 years.

Call a Customer Care specialist at 1-800-4HUMANA (or 711 if you use a TTY), 7 days a week, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Option 3: Submit online (Humana Medicare members only)

If your loved one is a Humana Medicare member, you can help them complete and submit his or her PHI form online:

  1. Ask the person you care for to sign in to his or her MyHumana account.
  2. Under the “Profile” tab, select “Accounts and settings.”
  3. Scroll down to “Account access.”
  4. Select “Give access.”

To change his or her caregiver, your loved one should select “Manage access.”