Basic term life plan

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Protect your company by protecting your employees and their families from unfortunate events. Humana’s life plans can help with peace-of-mind coverage that’s affordable.

Our life plans help you protect your greatest asset—your employees


Provides basic coverage to employees while giving them the opportunity to purchase voluntary term life.

Our life plans include:

  • Guaranteed issue amounts for eligible employees, spouses, and dependent children, who will receive a specified amount of life coverage without medical underwriting
  • Waiver of premium – Premiums for a covered person are waived after total disability for 6 months beginning before his/her 60th birthday (until age 65)
  • Guaranteed conversion – If employee or dependent loses coverage due to the employee’s loss of employment, loss of eligibility, or reduction for age, the coverage can be converted to an individual whole life insurance policy
  • Accelerated benefit for terminal illness – Benefit of 50% of basic group term insurance (not to exceed $250,000) payable upon proof of terminal illness
  • Benefit for death of a spouse until age 65
  • Benefit for death of a child ages 15 days to 26 years
  • Optional AD&D coverage – Provides compensation in the event of certain disabling accidents or accidental loss of life
How it works

Employees can select from a range of employer-funded coverage options to cover themselves, their spouses, and dependent children to ensure their family is taken care of after the loss of a loved one.*

Basic Term Life plans are available to groups with 2 or more enrolled employees. Here are some of the plan options:

  • Employee coverage – A flat amount of coverage, or a multiple of the employee’s salary rounded to the next $1,000, or based on employee classification
  • Spouse coverage – $5,000–$20,000
  • Dependent child coverage – $500–$5,000
  • Minimum coverage – $10,000–$15,000
  • Maximum coverage – Lesser of 7 times annual salary or $1 million, combined with Supplemental Life

* The minimum employer contribution is 50% of the premium.

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