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Exam Plus vision plan

Vision Exam Plus is designed to help your employees take care of their vision health. This plan offers a comprehensive annual eye-health exam for $10, plus 35% off the retail price of frames at network providers.

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Affordable vision benefits that cover more than just the basics

Benefits How it works

This low-cost vision plan is perfect for businesses looking to save money while helping their employees take care of their eyes by getting their annual exams.

This 100% employer-funded plan can be offered alongside a voluntary (employee-funded) Materials Only plan. These plans come with:

  • Low-cost premiums to cover annual eye-health exams for only a $10 copay
  • Discounts on materials – members may receive up to 15% off retail price for contacts and up to 35% off the retail price of frames through network vision care providers
  • Discounts on non-covered items – they may also get up to a 20% discount on items not covered by the plan when received from network providers
  • Go365® Points for annual exams with a Humana medical plan

Employees are covered for annual routine eye exams and may get significant discounts on contacts and frames from network providers. Eye exams with network providers cost just $10 (up to $39 with retinal imaging), while out-of-network eye exams will never be more than $30.

Other network coverage includes:

  • Contact lens exam (standard fitting and follow-up) – $55 or less
  • Contact lens exam (premium fitting and follow-up) – 10% off retail
  • Conventional contact lenses (materials only) – 15% off retail
  • Frames –35% off retail
  • Lens options:
    • Tint, scratch resistance, and UV coating – $15
    • Standard polycarbonate – $40
    • Standard anti-reflective coating – $45
    • Standard progressive lenses – $65
    • Polarized – 20% off retail

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