Advance care planning

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You and your family should always have a voice in your care. An advance directive is a document that describes the healthcare you may want in the future if you cannot voice your own medical decisions. With MyDirectives®, Humana Medicare Advantage members can create an advanced care plan using the online tool to express your wishes about medical treatment if you become too injured or ill to communicate.

MyDirectives can help make advance care planning easy

There's no pressure to complete your plan at once. You have complete control, so you can update and share your plan whenever you wish. You also don’t have to worry about the cost because MyDirectives is available at no additional cost for Humana Medicare Advantage members.

MyDirectives helps make it easy because you can:

  • Answer questions in your own words
  • Add video responses and audio files
  • Attach documents (physician orders, living will, etc.)
  • Identify people who can speak on your behalf
  • Share your plan with loved ones, caregivers and healthcare providers


Sign in and complete your MyDirectives plan today

If you’re a Humana Medicare Advantage member, follow the steps below to complete your care plan. If you need time to think about your answers, talk to family or consult your healthcare provider, you can stop and start again at any time.

  1. Log in to your MyHumana account.
  2. Select the Get Care Overview page under Get Care tab near the top of the page.
  3. On the Get Care Overview page, scroll down to Additional resources and click MyDirectives.
  4. On the MyDirectives page, you can create your advance care plan. You can create it from scratch or upload any existing documents you may have. Prompts are included to help guide you in creating and completing your plan.
  5. You will need to create a username and a password to access your advance care plan. Be sure to keep a record of your username and password.
  6. Once you’re finished, sign your plan and make it official!

If you need help, contact MyDirectives at or call (888) 884-3324, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central time.


MyDirectives FAQs

1. How do I share MyDirectives with my healthcare providers?

You can share MyDirectives with your healthcare providers by adding them to your contact list and including a working email address. In your contact list, you can designate your doctors as a healthcare provider and share your plans with them via an email invite. Then they can access your most up-to-date advance care planning documents from MyDirectives. You can also print a wallet card with a QR code from your My Dashboard page—even tape it to your driver’s license or insurance card.

While your primary care provider, and any other healthcare providers you specify, will receive an email notifying them that your advance care plan has been shared with them. It’s important to tell your healthcare providers that you have shared your plan through MyDirectives.

2. Who has access to MyDirectives?

Your medical treatment goals, preferences and priorities can be shared with healthcare providers during a medical emergency. Only family members and caregivers you designate in MyDirectives, will be able to access this information. It is important for you to add your family members and caregivers to your MyDirectives account and grant them access to your documents so they will have your information in an emergency. When you sign your digital advance care plan using MyDirectives, you authorize only approved healthcare providers to search and retrieve your records.

3. Does my health insurance plan know what MyDirectives says?

MyDirectives NEVER shares the contents of your advance care planning documents with insurance companies without your knowledge and consent. For example, if you have a case manager from your health insurance plan who is working with your medical team, and you have consented to share your medical treatment preferences with that case manager, then MyDirectives will follow your instructions.

4. What happens if I change my health plan?

Your MyDirectives account is separate from your Humana Health Plan. If you change your health plan, you still have free access to your MyDirectives account and information.

5. What if I already have a paper advance directive

Use MyDirectives to upload, store and share existing paper documents you have in just a few short steps. Click on the green Upload an Existing Document button on to explore this easy-to-use feature.

6. How often should I update MyDirectives?

We recommend only making changes when you feel they are necessary, although an annual review of your decisions is a good practice to follow. Reasons you may choose to update your MyDirectives information could be if:

  • Your phone number or any contact information for your family and friends changed
  • Your goals, preferences and priorities for medical treatment have changed
  • You want to appoint a new healthcare agent(s) or change the contact information for your current healthcare agent(s)

7. What if I forget my password?

Resetting your MyDirectives password is easy:

  1. Click the Returning User button in the top right-hand corner of the screen at
  2. On the Sign in page, click the Forgot your password? link.
  3. You can request a password reset link via text message or email.
  4. Follow the instructions you receive from MyDirectives to reset your password.