Important Information for Illinois flood victims

Humana members living in Cook, Kane, Lake or McHenry counties in Illinois and impacted by the flooding, are allowed the following emergency provisions extending from 7/12/2017 to 9/30/2017.

  • Humana health plan members with prescriptions can obtain early refills of their medications, without authorization from their physicians or Humana
  • During a state of emergency, Humana does not require members living in the disaster area to obtain preauthorization or referrals for services or care. Additionally, during the state of emergency, Humana will allow you to see certain doctors or go to certain hospitals, even if the doctor or hospital isn’t in your plan’s network. If you usually pay more for out-of-network or out-of-area care, Humana will apply the in-network cost-share rate during the state of emergency for covered services. Please note that coverage is still subject to other terms and conditions of your health plan, and that claims may still be reviewed and possibly denied if the service is not deemed a covered benefit.
  • Humana will reinstate policies for impacted members who’s policy may have been canceled, with an in-force date on or after 07/12/2017
  • Humana will not cancel policies of impacted members until 09/30/2017, after disaster period and based on policy’s terms and conditions
  • If Humana requests documentation from an impacted member between 07/12/2017 and 09/30/2017, Humana will extend deadline for those requests for 60 days.
  • If member has any questions, they may contact Humana by calling the toll-free number on the back of their Humana Member Id card.
  • Humana member may contact the Illinois Department of Insurance for filing a complaint regarding any disaster-related dispute or issue, by calling toll-free, 1-866-445-5364, or file a complaint on-line at: opens in new window)