Personal Coaching

Personal health coaching

Your plan may include a new wellness program for Humana members called Health Coaching.
With this personalized service, you can connect with your certified health coach.

What health coaching can do for you

Begin your journey toward a healthier lifestyle with your Personal Health coach who can:

  • Help you set goals and create a personalized action plan.
  • Coach and provide resources around a broad range of Health topics including:
    • Weight management
    • Tobacco cessation
    • Stress Management
    • Healthy Eating
    • And more
  • Provide Accountability on your progress, supporting you when you falter and cheering you on when you succeed.
  • Connect you to a robust wellness portal with trackers, calendars, assessments, and a comprehensive health resources library.
  • Communicate with you based on your preferences — Telephonically, E-mail, Instant message chat.
  • Or if you would prefer not to talk with a coach, select the content only option and your coach will send you targeted health resources on your focus topics.

How to Enroll in Health Coaching

  1. Simply register for or log in to MyHumana
  2. Under the "My Health" drop-down tab at the top, choose "Health Coaching"