AD&D Employee Spouse


AD&D stands for "accidental death and dismemberment." This insurance pays a certain amount if you die or lose certain functions because of an accidental injury. Coverage may not be available to your spouse with certain plan designs.

Basic AD&D Employee Only

AD&D is included with basic group term life insurance. It may be purchased with voluntary group term life insurance. AD&D is only available to a spouse on voluntary life insurance. You or your spouse may receive benefits if an accidental injury directly results in loss of life or the loss of certain functions within 180 days of the date of injury (length of time may vary by state).

Supplemental AD&D Employee & Spouse

This supplemental policy allows you to increase your AD&D coverage amount. AD&D is only available to a spouse on voluntary life insurance. The benefit amount is the same as the basic life or voluntary life coverage selected.

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