Medications and Prescriptions

Medications and prescriptions

Get the facts about your medications

What are the side effects of that drug? Is there a generic version available? What does the latest research say about treatments for my condition? Find answers to a variety of questions related to over-the-counter and prescription medications so you can better manage how you treat your illness or health condition.

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High-risk medicines

A high-risk medicine is one that may cause serious health problems if taken improperly, or taken with another drug or food item that it may interact with.

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What is a statin?

Statins are a medicine for persons who are at risk for heart disease or stroke, especially those with diabetes or high cholesterol.

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Is generic medicine right for you?

Do you trust only known brands to treat your health? If so, there may be a few things you should consider. When it comes to your medicine, a generic version may be just as affective at treating your condition as a brand name version.

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Medical Allergy Remedies

As the long, cold winter begins to thaw, most people look forward to spring. They get outside. They open windows. They immerse themselves in nature.

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New Pharmacies Recently Added to the Select Rx Network

Two large grocery store chains that serve several Southern states – HEB and Publix – are the newest pharmacies to be added to the Select Rx network. This change became effective on 7/1/15.

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6 Things you Don't know about Taking Medication

Maybe you take one or two medications regularly, or only an occasional pill when sick, but women 30-65 take the most prescription medications, and yet there's lot of things we don't know about our taking medicine.^1

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Take your medicine the right way

Get tips for staying on top of your medications. Taking them the right way is critical to their effectiveness.

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Using antibiotics wisely

Superbugs: they're not just sci-fi. Learn what you need to know about antibiotics to avoid creating drug-resistant bacteria.

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Allergy medication

Antibiotics and sinus infections

According to recent studies, antibiotics may not be your best option for fighting a sinus infection.

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The skinny on diet pills

Diet pills can help jump-start a diet, but don't expect a miracle cure.

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Understanding Medical Radiation

Did you know common medical tests such as X-rays and CT scans use radiation? Learn about the long-term effects of radiation on the body, and how to minimize your risk.

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Insurance 101

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