Medications and prescriptions Get the facts about your medications

What are the side effects of that drug? Is there a generic version available? What does the latest research say about treatments for my condition? Find answers to a variety of questions related to over-the-counter and prescription medications so you can better manage how you treat your illness or health condition.
Consulting with pharmacist about prescription drugs

Medication 101

Your prescription questions answered

If you have questions, concerns or issues with your medications, you’re not alone. Get tips for taking, paying for and refilling your prescriptions.

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Understanding the medications your doctor has prescribed
Taking prescription drugs on time and the right amount

Risky Medications

Side effects for those 65 and up

Not all medications help what ails you. In fact, some can make matters worse or put you at risk.

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Food and drug interactions

Know the risks of combining certain foods with certain medications

The best way to avoid the serious impact of food and drug interactions is to know what foods and drinks to steer clear of when you or someone you love is taking certain pills.

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Discussing optional  healthcare benefits

Healthcare glossary

Find medical and insurance terms.

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Women discussing facts about their medicines while shopping

Control the rising costs of prescription drugs

Partner with Humana and a program called Maximize your Benefit Rx to discover potential savings opportunities for high-cost medicines.

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