Medications and Prescriptions

Medications and prescriptions

Get the facts about your medications

What are the side effects of that drug? Is there a generic version available? What does the latest research say about treatments for my condition? Find answers to a variety of questions related to over-the-counter and prescription medications so you can better manage how you treat your illness or health condition.

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Tracking medications with a pill box

Take your medicine the right way

Get tips for staying on top of your medications. Taking them the right way is critical to their effectiveness.

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Working in the pharmacy

Using antibiotics wisely

Superbugs: they're not just sci-fi. Learn what you need to know about antibiotics to avoid creating drug-resistant bacteria.

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Allergy medication

Antibiotics and sinus infections

According to recent studies, antibiotics may not be your best option for fighting a sinus infection.

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Man consulting with his doctor

The skinny on diet pills

Diet pills can help jump-start a diet, but don't expect a miracle cure.

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Taking your medicine

For your prescriptions to work well, you need to take them just like the doctor ordered. Here are some tips to help you stay on track.

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Drug Dictionary

Drug dictionary

Easily find information about the medicines you take by searching their names or the conditions they treat.

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Drug Interactions

Drug interactions

Learn about drug interactions and how they happen so you can prevent them.

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Foods and drugs interaction

Food and drug interactions

Interactions between food and medicines can be serious. This is true for both prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

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Care giver assisting with medications

Avoiding risky medications

Some medicines can be dangerous for people who are 65 years of age or older. Know which ones to look out for.

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Understanding drug dosage

Prescription safety tips

Safety is crucial when it comes to presciptions. Get some pointers on making sure you put safety first.

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